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We have carefully selected choice of frames available to suit all ages and pockets. You are welcome to take plenty of time to decide.

Comprehensive advice given to help select the best lens type to suit your needs. Many lens manufacturers are supplied and constant improvements in design of lenses in recent years offers increased performance and thinner lenses.

Working with top manufacturers, including:-

      Tom Davies - luxury British designed and manufactured    

       Rodenstock - top quality German frames and lenses

       BOTANIQ - Sustainable eyewear

Silhouette - amazing rimless and other light weight frames 

The eye wear company - stunning portfolio of award winning eye wear including Plus and Paul & Joe 

Rayban & Polo Ralf Lauren - sunglasses and presription eye wear. 

Elle and Esprit - constantly updated styles from top designers 

All models available from us at extremely competative prices and fitted for comfort. 

sunglass framesTime for a new pair of Sunglasses?

It’s that time of year to consider investing in a comfortable pair of sunglasses you will really enjoy to wear. Good quality lenses protect from ultra violet light and keep your eyes comfortable. They can be made with or without optical prescription. Lenses are available single vision, bifocal or varifocal (progressive). Complete prescription sunglasses are available from £138 for single vision and £221 for varifocal. Non-prescription sunglasses are available from £50.

A full new range of sunglass frames are available now at Dunstone Optometry, including Ray-Ban, as well as Rodenstock SunProtect and the Niffties. The tint can be to a colour of your choice, as well as with Polaroid upgrade if preferred. We are also able to supply prescription sunglasses specifically for many sporting activities, including cycling and golf. The team at Dunstone Optometry will be pleased to discuss your requirements, provide a quote and help you chose the optimum pair.  

Spectacle recycling at Dunstone Optometry

Dunstone Optometry has had a longstanding relationship with Vision Aid Overseas (VAO) involving spectacle recycling. Derek has provided voluntary eye care in Uganda with VAO and the Practice has funded trainees to travel to Africa to carry out this work. Thank you to everyone who has donated used spectacles over the last 30 years. It is estimated that more than twenty thousand pairs have been collected at Dunstone Optometry during this time and forwarded for use in Africa. VAO no longer requires used spectacles, but rather donations towards new spectacle provision for Africa. We continue to support this splendid charity and keep a cash collection box in reception. Click here for more information about VAO. 

However, we are now collecting and recycling your used spectacles in cooperation with Lions International. These will help children and adults in developing countries to enjoy a better quality of life, including Brazil, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal, Ethiopia, Jordan, Cuba, Mongolia, Peru and Rwanda. Many will experience corrected vision for the first time, enabling them to read, attend school, gain employment and take care of their families. Some spectacles are traded and any donations received from this are used in other Sight Projects across the world.

Please feel free to call in to drop off any used spectacles.  

Spectacles fogging up whilst wearing a mask?

Click here for numerous tips to help reduce this annoyance when wearing a face covering or moving between different temperatures. The latest spectacle lens coatings reduce misting and Nano Anti-Fog drops are available to apply to spectacle lenses.

Driving and vision - are you safe? Please click here for information about safe driving vision and optimum spectacle lenses. 

safety frames
Keep your eyes safe 

You should consider wearing eye protection suitable to the job or hobbies you do, which offer greater protection than your usual spectacles. This can take the form of a separate pair of safety spectacles and are available with single vision, bifocal or varifocal lenses. The strongest lenses are made from Polycarbonate or Trivex materials. We at Dunstone Optometry provide numerous types which all comply with British and European Standards. Our selection offers a good choice of styles, colours and sizes. Please contact us if you would to consider protecting your eyes and we will be happy to discuss and quote for the optimum type for your lifestyle.

Request for a copy of your prescription or PD, thinking about having spectacles made from our prescription at another Practice or adjustment of frames from elsewhere?

Please click here for our view.


NHS Spectacle Vouchers: We are pleased to issue and accept NHS Vouchers towards spectacles for those eligible. We always aim to provide the best quality spectacles and so are unable to provide complete spectacles to the value of NHS Vouchers. An excellent selection of spectacles is available from £35 for those using voucher contribution. Click here for information regarding NHS Voucher eligibility.

EyeCare Vouchers: We are sorry that we are not able to accept Endred Eyecare vouchers (provided by some employers) towards your eye examination or spectacles. This is because the voucher is worth around £20 and we are not able to devote enough time for this level of remuneration. Their rules do not allow for the patient to pay the difference for a comprehensive examination including OCT & OPTOS scans.



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