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Contact Lenses could be for you

However much you enjoy wearing your spectacles, do you find there are times when you might like not to wear them? For example when, socialising, shopping, or for outdoor activities such as cycling, gardening, walking, riding, rugby and football. Spectacles can become especially inconvenient when outside in the rain or when participating in any sport or exercise.

Improvements are constantly being made to contact lenses which now make them suitable for most individuals, of any age. Contact lenses are available to correct short-sight (myopia), long-sight (hypermetropia) and astigmatism. Multifocal lenses allow contact lenses to be worn to correct presbyopia (reduction in ability to change focus with age), allowing you to see both distance and near. One day disposable designs are convenient as they do away with the cleaning and storage of lenses. Contact lenses can be worn daily or just for occasional wear.

Our team of optometrists take pride in finding the right contact lens option for each patient, from many leading brands. Contact lens advice, trial and, if wishing to proceed, fitting is available at extremely affordable prices. You may be surprised with the comfort of modern designs and we are most patient when we teach you how to insert and remove lenses. Please contact us on 01473 823755 to find out more or make an appointment. 

For contact lens handling tips, video and other useful tips see College of Optometrists handling videos. or the Alcon contact lens handling video

Main contact lens types are soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP):-

Soft Lenses

Daily Disposable
  • No cleaning of lenses necessary as thrown away each night
  • Can be worn each day or occasionally for particular sport or hobby
  • Also now available for astigmatism at extra charge
  • Examples of our prices: Alcon Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus £87 for 90 pairs, Acuvue 1 Day MOIST £96 for 90 pairs
Monthly Disposable
  •     Fresh lenses each month
  •     Convenient cleaning regime
  •     Excellent value
  •     Available for astigmatism (toric), multifocal and cosmetically tinted
  •     Example of our prices: Air Optix Aqua/HydraGlyde £21 (3 pack)
Continuous Wear
  •     Worn continuously for 30 days and nights
  •     Example of our prices: Air Optix Night & Day £33 (3 pack)
Rigid Gas Permeable (GP):
  •     The modern “hard” lens
  •     Still the best option for some eyes
  •     New materials with higher degree oxygen permeability available
  •     Examples of prices: Quasar Dk60 £68 per lens, Dk 100 £80 per lens
Contact lens wearers fees:

                New wearers

                Preliminary Consultation (inc. trial if necessary but excluding full eye examination): £50

                Note for limited period this preliminary assessment fee will be refunded as a credit towards specs if not proceeding with CLs

                Instruction &12 months A/C: £50

                Existing wearers

                Eye Exam, Aftercare & 12 months A/C: £112 (NHS +£90)  

                Eye Exam & Aftercare for Continuous Wear: £150 (NHS +£130)

                Click here to find out more about your eye examination

Useful contact lens manufacturers web sites:

Bausch & Lomb

3 Queen Street, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 5DZ Tel: 01473 823755