Request for a copy of your prescription
You would have been given a spectacle prescription on the day of your examination. If required, a copy of your presciption is available for a fee of £7.
We believe it is in your best interest to obtain examination and dispensing from the same establishment.....

thus if you intend to continue to purchase spectacles elsewhere we reluctantly recommend you also obtain your eye examination elsewhere. You will always be welcome to return when you wish to obtain your complete eye care with us. Our Practice devotes considerable time into providing the best care and investment in the very latest optometric equipment and unfortunately cannot afford to keep patients who are dispensed spectacles elsewhere.

Your eye examination will determine the prescription you need to see clearly and comfortably but will not include the measurements needed to make sure your glasses fit correctly. This is because there are several measurements that are needed, of which your pupillary distance (PD) is just one. It is the responsibility of the supplier of spectacles to make dispensing measurements and we are thus unable to provide you with your PD if you are considering obtaining spectacles elsewhere. 

We will gladly adjust any spectacles obtained from us at no charge to ensure optimum comfort. However, we are unable to adjust spectacle or sunglass frames purchased elsewhere. In the rare event this task is taken on, this will be completely at the risk of the owner. If the appliance were to be damaged during attempted repair or adjustment, then any correction will be at the cost to the patient.

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