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Contact Lenses

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Caring service to fit patients with the optimum lens type. Many patients who were previously unsuitable can now wear contact lenses due to technological advances. Contacts also available for presbyopes, that is, patients with different prescriptions for distance and near.

Main contact lens types - soft or rigid gas permeable (GP):-

Soft Lenses

Daily Disposable
  • No cleaning of lenses necessary as thrown away each night
  • Can be worn each day or occasionally for particular sport or hobby
  • Also now available for astigmatism at extra charge

Examples of our prices:
Ciba Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus £76 for 90 pairs
Acuvue 1 Day MOIST £95 for 90 pairs
Air Optix Aqua £19 (3 pack)

Monthly Disposable
  •     Fresh lenses each month
  •     Convenient cleaning regime
  •     Excellent value
  •     Available for astigmatism (toric), multifocal and cosmetically tinted
Continuous Wear
  •     Recently developed Silicone based lenses
  •     Worn continuously for 30 days and nights
Rigid Gas Permeable (GP):
  •     The modern “hard” lens
  •     Still the best option for some eyes
  •     New materials with higher degree oxygen permeability available

Examples of prices: Quasar Dk60 £60 per lens, Dk 100 £70 per lens

Contact lens manufacturers web sites:

Bausch & Lomb