Refraction and Optics for Ophthalmologists


Read on for course details, fees, and how to apply:

Refraction course Covid update; Two day course to run via Zoom, date to be decided 

In order to take into account Covid-19 guidance and to ensure the safety of delegates, patients and my team, this course will be run remotely. I can reassure you that a great deal of knowledge can be taught via Zoom through lectures and demonstration. These practical refraction tips are most difficult to ascertain from books. For many years I have provided video teaching and delegates have found this incredibly useful. This followed up by practice on your own patients should ensure the necessary skills are gained. Confirmation flippers and handout will be posted to each delegate prior to the course. The course will be restricted to 10 delegates to ensure individual questions can be answered.

During the course I will be demonstrating refraction on both model eyes and real patients. It would be ideal, although not essential, if you were able to borrow a model eye and trial lenses for the course. Even though the course is not face-to-face, you can be reassured I will endeavour to provide the best refraction tuition. Several courses have been held remotely and were well received by delegates.

Thank you for your interest in this course, which has been held at least three times each year since September 2000.

The object of the course is to teach the theory and practice of refraction and is of particular help for those studying for the Refraction examinations of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. A detailed step-by-step guide on to how to successfully refract will be taught giving an enormous amount of tips, which will mean you can return to practice your refraction with much more confidence. Tuition will be provided into each of the rcophth 12 OSCE station subject areas and refraction of model eyes. The course is suitable both for doctors just starting to refract, as well as those wishing to fine-tune their technique. Orthoptists, eye nurses and other medical specialities are also most welcome and have previously attended.

The course covers in lectures, demonstrations and workshops the following topics: 

Assessment of Vision, Geometric and Clinical Optics (including ametropia and its correction), Objective Refraction (Retinoscopy), Subjective Clinical Refraction & Lens (Hand) Neutralisation and Focimetry.

 The fee for this two day course is £380, and includes a handout and pair of most useful confirmation 'flippers'.

To secure your place please complete the application form and forward with payment. Once payment has been received a receipt will be sent with confirmation of attendance. Details of recommended local accommodation, travel information and map is available on our Contact Us page.

If you are unable to attend the course you are most welcome to arrange individual tuition, which is available by appointment and can be provided via Zoom I often provide individual tuition for those unable to attend a course, or who want assistance in a specific area of refraction or optics, and this teaching is always found to be very useful by the delegates. The sessions can be tailored to your own requirements and my fee is £140 per hour.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Dr Derek J Dunstone BSc (Hons) DOptom MCOptom

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